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Huckletree Jubilee House


07. Office Design Over 2,000 SqM - UK Finalist

Design Practice:

Modus Workspace

Project Title:

Huckletree Jubilee House

Project Location:

London, United Kingdom

Design Practice Location:

London, United Kingdom

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Huckletree and Modus Workspace have joined forces, creating London’s most innovative ecosystem, built to support the next generation of disruptors. Huckletree project, Jubilee House. This coworking space is designed to be inclusive, playful, and visually appealing, while providing mental and physical space for ideating, offering an immersive experience for its occupants. Spanning two floors, the design manipulates colour and light to create boundaryless and visually deceptive spaces that represent the endless possibilities in a constantly evolving world. Each space challenges all five senses in a unique way, fostering a dynamic and vibrant environment that promotes inclusivity, innovation, creativity, and collaboration.

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