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Design Practice:

LW Design

Project Title:


Project Location:

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Design Practice Location:

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

All project descriptions are provided by SBID Awards entrants.

Although the new Dubai EDITION hotel has 275 rooms and six different room categories, including an impressive penthouse suite, they are all designed in a uniform design language using the same high-quality materials throughout the bedroom and bathroom. The material palette is minimal; LW has selected a limited collection of finishes following the brand’s stipulations on simplicity and comfortable luxury.

The simplicity of the design immediately brings attention to the minute details; matching the veins in the natural stone and wood was time-consuming and complex. All of the materials were intentionally not chosen to be up-to-the-minute but with timeless appeal. The Dubai EDITION is a unique example of the brand; the entire project has taken exclusivity to another level. The materials are the same and carefully placed as if on a journey through slightly different hues and colors.

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