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Hong Kong Magistrate Courtroom Lounge Interior Refurbishment

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Project Title:

Hong Kong Magistrate Courtroom Lounge Interior Refurbishment

Project Location:

Quebec, Canada

Design Practice Location:

Quebec, Canada

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The Hong Kong Magistrate Courtroom Lounge is the former British Police headquarters in Hong Kong. The brief was to transform the interior to a hint of artsy, a pinch of a classic country club vibe and a bit of roaring 20s hidden concerts. All mouldings, furniture, fixtures and decorative elements were fully modelled from scratch based on the photographs and actual overall dimensions of the Courtroom. There were no similar objects in any 3D model library, so all the items had to be recreated with thorough attention to detail as they were an integral part of the concept.

All intricately intertwined in one out-of-the-ordinary design by Jason Volenec and brought to life by Lunas studio. Tender atmospheric light, a slight bit of fog, subtle shadows – all contribute to a perfect picture, which leaves a lingering imprint on the viewer’s memory.

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