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Homage to Art Deco

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Project Title:

Homage to Art Deco

Project Location:

Riga, Latvia

Design Practice Location:

Riga, Latvia

All project descriptions are provided by SBID Awards entrants.

Set in a historical garden city established in early 20th century, the private villa radiates elegance of the Art Deco era. The essence of the house lies in the perfection of proportion and symbiosis of contemporary design, historical elements and nuanced selection of materials. Neoklasika aimed to create an interior with masterfully handcrafted furniture and joinery that will remain timeless for decades.

The kitchen is light and airy with extended vertical storage spaces almost reaching the ceiling. The gloss finish of the kitchen units beautifully reflects the ever-changing light coming from the tall windows. The kitchen leads to the formal dining area though a galley hallway.

The master bathroom stands out with bold Art Deco patterns and textures. While being expressive in pattern, the room gives a relaxing mood with a palette of soft greys. The central element of the room is a bespoke master vanity cabinet with a double sink.

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