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Holborn Office

Design Practice:

5mm Design

Project Title:

Holborn Office

Project Location:

London, United Kingdom

Design Practice Location:

London, United Kingdom

All project descriptions are provided by SBID Awards entrants.

Holborn Office

The design concept for the project focuses on combining industrial chic style elements with a cosy ‘Soho House’ residential vibe and contemporary workspace, with an added tech-y feel. 5mm Design introduced the concept of zoning to the space, and each zone was named after a continent and assigned a colour. The design theme is translated into the space through furniture upholstery fabric, pop culture and illustration wall art that reflect the continent; the use of different plant species in each zone; and the naming of meeting rooms after artists from that particular continent. The zoning concept, combined with the introduction of breakout areas, and the collaborative shared work island act as the firm’s engine room. This is a fresh workspace that improves productivity through design and encourages different teams to interact and socialise together.

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