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Hangzhou Lakeside Mansion Apartment

Design Practice:

SWS Group

Project Title:

Hangzhou Lakeside Mansion Apartment

Project Location:

Zhejiang, China

Design Practice Location:

Shanghai, China

All project descriptions are provided by SBID Awards entrants.

The project locates beside Jinshahu Lake and is only 500 meters away from the underground station. There are supporting facilities like Longfor Paradise Walk, Xiasha Intime department store, Shaoyifu hospital and In-city Mall are surrounded within 1 km.

The showflat is designed for families of three or four living in metro city. The layout is orderly, which would be preferred by most citizens. It meets the basic requirements of human life and provide surprise by delicate design.

When entering the apartment, you would first pass through the storage room and the children’s room and then reach the sitting room. The sitting room and dining room share the same broad space, which give the family and friends a great place to spend time together without feeling crowded. The whole space is elegant and full of aesthetic feeling. The palette of FF&E adds some bright warm colour to the calm tone.

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