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Exton Hall at Exton Park Vineyard

Design Practice:

Dunning & Everard

Project Title:

Exton Hall at Exton Park Vineyard

Project Location:

Hampshire, United Kingdom

Design Practice Location:

Wiltshire, United Kingdom

All project descriptions are provided by SBID Awards entrants.

This cathedral like building is the centrepiece of Exton Park Vineyard with its surrounding 60 acres of vines, situated in the heart of the Hampshire countryside. Dunning & Everard was tasked to create a sophisticated, luxurious destination to celebrate the wine grown and produced at the vineyard. The client required the building, which measures10,291 sq ft plus outside terraces of 3,465 sq ft, to multi task. To that end Dunning & Everard had to design different rooms to perform varying functions including all soft furnishings, lighting and accessories. With a completely blank canvas Dunning & Everard created a central axis from which every room seamlessly flows whilst utilising the incredible supply of daylight through the soaring windows. From the very start Dunning & Everard wanted to ‘bring the outside in’ and everything that was used in the building had to be sustainable and relevant to wine, that included the artwork, handrail, joinery, flooring and soft furnishings.

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