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FLUGT Refugee Museum of Denmark


10. Public Space - Rest of the World Finalist

Design Practice:

Tinker imagineers

Project Title:

FLUGT Refugee Museum of Denmark

Project Location:

Oksbol, Denmark

Design Practice Location:

Utrecht, Netherlands

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FLUGT gives voice and face to refugees, capturing shared challenges, emotions, and stories. BIG architects transformed Denmark’s largest refugee camp of WW2 into a 1,600 m2 museum. The exhibitions, by Tinker imagineers, show the connection between the local history of the camp and today’s refugee crisis. Personal stories are brought to life with visual highlights, soundscapes, interviews, and original footage. Outside, a huge concrete and Corten Steel model of the former camp, gives an indication of its scale. An immersive audio walk through the forest offers a realistic experience of what daily life in the camp was like.

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