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Subversive Intervention

Design Practice:

Blainey North & Associates

Project Title:

Subversive Intervention

Project Location:

Sydney, Australia

Design Practice Location:

New South Wales, Australia

All project descriptions are provided by SBID Awards entrants.

The Young British Art Movement, radical new-age thinking, rebellious design, and controversial art-theory were the inspirations for the revitalisation of the historic residence. Respecting the rich culture and architecture of the building, Blainey North sought to inject unexpected moments of contemporary culture, reflecting the youth of its occupier. Built in 1938 by Jeffrey Hughes, this heritage listed Georgian Revival estate presented a dual challenge as both a restoration and renovation project. The project was a balance of minimalism and eccentricity. North wanted to engage with the traditional elements of the house in a way that made it feel like a new project. The Team wished to maintain the exterior traditionalism of the home but inject it with a youthful rebellion. That became the obsession; extracting the essence of the original building and reinterpreting it into an entirely new aesthetic.

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