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Xiamen Luchao Kulangsu Art Park

Design Practice:

Fancy Design

Project Title:

Xiamen Luchao Kulangsu Art Park

Project Location:

Xiamen, China

Design Practice Location:

Xiamen, China

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Built in the 1980s, KAP Gallery of Xiamen Kulangsu Art Park was once the sculpture studio of Xiamen Academy of Arts and Design, Fuzhou University. After the re-planning of the park, it will be used as an independent multifunction art space and keep operating continuously. In addition to repair and transformation based on functions, the design team selectively preserves and restores the historical imprints of the site. With restrained and rational design, a connection between history and the present is achieved in the three-storey building, allowing new memories to grow in the “shell” of the old building.

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