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Delicacy Embellishing Luxury

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Delicacy Embellishing Luxury

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Chengdu City CN

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Delicacy Embellishing LuxuryDelicacy Embellishing Luxury

What the space would be without the existence of substance? Even more, substance represents not only an outward appearance, but also a symbol, which symbolizes a kind of medium which makes proximity to human beings, and leads people to explore both extravagance and dynastic history. After owners make the final decision about home image and aesthetic atmosphere of European classic, the designer choose a soft and restrained French Rococo style. The Rococo style is mixed with neo-classical characteristics and is complied with classical solemnness. The lines of delicacy draws the elegance which reveals luxury, in explaining the atmosphere in F building where in southern city. The sky, earth and wall interweave flowers and patterns of geometry by using stones, woods, fabrics, and paintings, in blending, laying out, translating, and finding a place for every totem, color, and utensil in a far reaching method. White, grey and blue are used as underpaintings, which are decorated by gold, light beige, and black. The characteristic of the space is simple and elegant. As the transformation between the public and private area in the residence, stairway and porch are used as media for connections. When we stop at every viewpoint, the depth of the field matches the early stage and the present time, presenting not only the admiration to the historical art, but the relentless sentiment to contemporary aesthetics.

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