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Contemporary Manor

Design Practice:

Regina Sturrock Design Inc.

Project Title:

Contemporary Manor

Project Location:

Mississauga, Canada

Design Practice Location:

Burlington, Canada

All project descriptions are provided by SBID Awards entrants.

A waterfront home with manoresque proportions and contemporary lines impresses and guides one through classically-framed openings and clear sight lines. Representing a 2.5-year, from-the-ground-up project., this luxury-driven family residence accumulated its intuitive layers over time. A comprehensive scope of work included planning, architectural detailing, custom features, and millwork concepts. Together with all the finer points in interior design and decor, it marked a holistic approach where architecture and art would connect. Upon entering the home, there is an immediate sense of quiet luxury that may best be defined through the subtleties in beautiful materials, classical order and a clean-lined sensibility. The first-impressions great hall, a cocooned inner hall, and the commanding two-storey great room represent an enfilade of harmonic spaces that each play with the sparkling waters of the lake beyond. Together, they provide a successive scene of reflection and undeniable beauty.

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