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Confidential Private Office

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Project Title:

Confidential Private Office

Project Location:

Illinois, United States

Design Practice Location:

Illinois, United States

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Confidential Private Office

The client’s investments are each thoughtfully considered, deliberate and personal. Eschewing today’s tendency towards looking for short-term gains, the company looks to build businesses with the idea that investments will be lasting interests for decades to come. The company’s new workplace complements that philosophy with a design that is distinctly personal to the organisation and particularly to its CEO. The space is one of impeccable attention to detail and is a showcase for a world-class collection of art. A focal point of the space is a flexible winter garden area with a double-height volume and views looking down the Chicago River. Throughout the space all elements work in concert with each other to create an atmosphere of warmth that is more often associated within a hospitality environment than a traditional workplace.

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