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Circle of Life

Design Practice:

7K Design

Project Title:

Circle of Life

Project Location:

Ontario, Canada

Design Practice Location:

Ontario, Canada

All project descriptions are provided by SBID Awards entrants.

The Circle of Life design is a representation of the new found freedom and function that have been restricted previously. With a newly redesigned layout, 7k Design were able to designate each area with a purpose and implement a proper flow to the whole house feng-shui and get rid of the old claustrophobic maze like layout.

A custom book shelf & reading area was implemented into the existing spiral staircase in the basement where it signifies knowledge & learning as the foundation. The main floor has the new open circular layout that signifies the cycle of life. Each area was designed to connect with one another in perfect harmony through function and style. The 2nd floor continues the circular flow & layout with the modified skylight overseeing the whole house from top to bottom, which represents our beautiful skies throughout the day.

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