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CCRG Jiu Chen Sales Centre

Design Practice:

Amber Design

Project Title:

CCRG Jiu Chen Sales Centre

Project Location:

Sichuan, China

Design Practice Location:

Sichuan, China

All project descriptions are provided by SBID Awards entrants.

Chengtou Jiuchen is located in Chengdu, a leisurely and quiet city. How to create a low-key and modest experience space in such a leisurely and comfortable living environment becomes the focus of the design. During the space design of Chengtou Jiuchen, Amber Design combines the theme of Moonlight over the Lotus Pond with the vivid artistic conception of ink painting. The design is beyond restriction on the physical appearance. Instead, it emphasizes the expression of subjective feelings and adopts modern design methods to create a simple and inclusive space based on ink painting with white and black colours.

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