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World’s Largest Aerospace & Defense Brand


07. Office Design Over 2,000 SqM - Asia Finalist

Design Practice:


Project Title:

World’s Largest Aerospace & Defense Brand

Project Location:

Bangalore, India

Design Practice Location:

Bangalore, India

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Embarking on an ambitious endeavor for World’s Largest Aerospace & Defense Brand, Zyeta’s aim was to create a dynamic next-gen workplace that fosters innovation, expands capabilities, and drives business growth. The unified space brings together diverse business entities, exemplifying inclusivity, equity, and collaboration.

The WELL HSR-rated and LEED Platinum-compliant environment places a strong emphasis on employee well-being, while agile and multi-functional spaces empower users with choice and control.

Consequently, the mesmerizing design boasts a striking lobby, interactive central zones, and engaging reception lobbies, fostering contemplation and creativity within the workspace

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