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American International University

Design Practice:


Project Title:

American International University

Project Location:

al-Jahra, Kuwait

Design Practice Location:

London, United Kingdom

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A new home for the next generation of leaders, creators and innovators, the American International University aims to inspire, educate and empower students and academics within a world-class setting.

The design team was commissioned to re-imagine the interior spaces for the new American International University in Kuwait. Armed with the client’s vision, the design team crafted a concept inspired by a young group of Kuwaitis, dedicated to rebuilding their natural landscape after decades of upheaval through the planting of 350,000 trees.

The interior design embodies attributes of these desert trees through the exploration of warmth, pattern, canopy and dappled light. A careful colour strategy was deployed to support intuitive wayfinding throughout the campus. Whiteboards on multiple walls, smart boards, and movable tables and chairs support a range of teaching and learning modes. Areas for debrief, informal conversation, and breakout zones for respite are enhanced with colourful and comfortable furniture.

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