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A Private Residence in Luxury Village

Design Practice:

Oleg Klodt Architecture and Design

Project Title:

A Private Residence in Luxury Village

Design Practice Location:

Moscow, Russia

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A Private Residence in Luxury Village 9

Oleg Klodt Architectual Bureau gives special emphasis to the process of preparing 3D visualisations, and to the work of the 3D department.   3D artists can quickly render spaces of any size or complexity. Thanks to the work methodology involved, staff at the Oleg Klodt Architectural Bureau can exchange these visualisations with each other, so that the end-results can be achieved efficiently and within the timescale allocated. We create these visualisations painstakingly, meaning that you can view them from any angle you want, or even make a video of the space.   The staff of the 3D department at the Oleg Klodt Architectural Bureau are top-flight professionals who are able not only to complete the visualisations of the building space overall, but additionally create visualisations of the individual items within the space using furniture modelling.   The 3-D Visualisation of this project was completed within 1 month. Total Floorspace is 735 square metres. Project authored by Michael Vstavskiy.   The brief was to complete a visualisation of all the space within the building, highlighting the division of floorspace and zoning intended by the architects, to create a realistic and informative visualisation of the space to assist the work of the architects and designers.   The high technical demands of this particular building include the challenge that the central area of the house is open-space and combines a number of different spaces. One single view might encompass a number of these space. This makes it more difficult to work with the lighting, where a room has a number of light sources, including light filtering down from the floor above.   Working this way, and by deploying the skills and abilities of our 3D department, we can create extremely high-quality scenes and informational imagery, which makes the process of finalising the design of interiors even more convenient and enjoyable.

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