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Silestone HybriQ®

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Silestone HybriQ®

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The exclusive and pioneering HybriQ® and HybriQ®+ technologies were introduced to the Silestone® range in 2020. These utilise a new production processes characterised by the company’s commitment to the environment, the circular economy and sustainable management. The manufacturing process of HybriQ® uses 99% reused water from the production processes, and 100% renewable electric energy. HybriQ®+ goes a step further to include a minimum of 20% recycled raw materials in its composition, alongside mineral raw materials. With HybriQ® and HybriQ®+, Silestone® retains its timeless beauty, as well as its mechanical and technical performance, quality, hygiene certifications and 25-year warranty. The aesthetic and design possibilities of Silestone® are also limitless: it is available in over 80 colours and a wide range of textures and formats. It is a perfect surface for a range of applications throughout the home, from kitchens and bathroom worktops, furniture and fireplace cladding and even outdoor applications.

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