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Furniture – Residential Finalist

Company Name:

Les Belles Créations

Warmpath is simultaneously a table and a fireplace. It is the new way to decorate and heat the house of the future. It is an integrated fireplace both as elegant as it is safe.

The Warmpath can accommodate between 4 and 6 guests and can be created in a range of 25 colours to allow users to create the best possible layout for your room.

In terms of heat, the output of the Warmpath is 2000 watts, which allows excellent auxiliary heating because it can heat a room between 1 and 3 degrees in just 1 hour.

Les Belles Créations were concerned about their ecological footprint so the Warmpath uses Bioethanol as a means of combustion. Bioethanol is produced from distilled beetroot juice which gives an entirely natural green energy. Bioethanol produces no smoke, no odour and no waste following its use. It can therefore heat a space in the most suitable way for the future of our planet. The bioethanol fireplace is a method of heating halfway between a stove and an ordinary fireplace.

For personalization, the distinguished design of the built-in fireplace must remain the same for safety reasons. However, Les Belles Créations offer a multitude of options to make your creation one of a kind.

Possible options :

Fiber optics and backlight: Draw a logo or write a sentence and decide if you want to illuminate the design with fiber optics or a backlight.

Accessories and supplements: Electrical outlet, USB socket, retractable built-in television, built-in sound system, built-in computer keyboard, odour diffuser, stove top, additional ceramic logs.

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