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sieger design

All project descriptions are provided by SBID Awards entrants.

Viu, the complete bathroom series designed for Duravit by sieger design, is distinguished by its striking, avant-garde forms and the unrivalled precision with which it is made. The gentle curve of the washbasin, which begs to be touched, marks a clear contrast to the rigorous geometric precision of the basic form. The Viu design aesthetic defies standard stylistic categories. Distinctive and multifaceted, it pairs timelessly familiar forms with ones that are more avant-garde and futuristic. With its pristine ceramic and precise manufacturing, the series also breaks new ground from a technical perspective.

Duravit and sieger design began development of the new series with a common vision: they wanted to launch a standalone bathroom series that went far beyond conventional design and manufacturing solutions. The level of perfection that the designers and developers achieved together is especially evident in the c-bonded washstand: thanks to c-bonding technology, the DuraCeram basin seamlessly merges with the metallic frame so that they meld into one. Despite the complexity and contrasts of form, the Viu washstand does not look like a composite construct, but instead forms an elegant, harmonious whole. sieger design’s meticulous attention to detail is evident in every last element: for instance, the cover around the underside of the basin that conceals the pipes and complex technical components from view.

Next to the c-bonded washstand, the solitary bathtub is another key style element. The free-flowing organic and ergonomic form of the tub is encased within a precise rectangular metal frame.

Combining Viu with the furniture line XViu opens up a whole host of possible applications, thanks to their complementary modular design. The finishes in ceramic, glass or wood contrast with the striking aluminium side profiles, while the mirrors and mirror cabinets subtly continue this style and use innovative light control to maximise comfort.

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