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The Optimus

Project Title:

The Optimus

Company Name:

Thomas Abraham For IDeA Design House

All project descriptions are provided by SBID Awards entrants.

The Optimus by Thomas Abraham is a morphable furniture piece that transforms in size, shape and purpose. Because it can be multi-used and multi-purposed, it limits the number of furniture in the room thereby providing free space.

It is made of sheesham wood (from renewable plantations that are environmentally friendly with low carbon footprints).

It is in every way an ‘Environment first’ Architectural Design, prioritizing sustainability, durability, recycling and reusing material, waste management, reduction of carbon footprint and economically affordable design.

It also focuses on the efficient use of resources and follows a zero-waste policy. Everything used was handmade, thus providing much needed employment to local population as well as preserving the skillsets of craftsmen in the neighborhood.

This is design as cosmopolitan as it gets, a glocal (global + local) sensibility with diversity and universal value – furniture that would fit in every home, in any culture

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