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That’s It

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That’s It

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Furniture Hive / Quinti

All project descriptions are provided by SBID Awards entrants.

THAT’S IT. A subtle and elegant chair setting new environmental standards in technology with a cutting-edge design and innovative use of aluminium. This is an advanced chair that incorporates all the features one would associate with professional chairs, including a seat with integrated mechanics and synchro movement. What’s more, “The technical knowledge of this type of product is amongst the highest in Europe.” The definition of optimal upholstery solutions, in line with Quinti’s high standards of craftsmanship, required intensive research in order to come up with systems that would guarantee maximum ergonomic comfort.

At a time when the lines between the traditional workspace and the home environment are becoming increasingly blurred, a decorative, restrained and visually light office chair can be added to any space, whether in a managerial office or at home, where elegance is of the utmost importance.

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