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Screen Objet

Project Title:

Screen Objet

Company Name:

Maison Arabella

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Echoing the pictorial language of celestial constellations, zodiac symbolism and architecture, Screen Objet transforms a forgotten piece into a centre stage creation. It explores the intersection between art and furniture, seamlessly fusing the classic with the contemporary to encapsulate Maison Arabella’s visual inspiration and philosophy of the design studio, in one freestanding piece.

Handcrafted in the UK, the timeless design features a gold timber frame inset with antique rose gold mirror corners. These are complemented by panels in an illustrative wallpaper created by Maison Arabella exclusively for the screen and made bespoke by Fromental. The unique artwork draws inspiration from a map of the old heavens, while referencing both Western and Chinese star signs through an enduring visual language that includes zodiac animals and celestial constellations. As self-expression is central to Maison Arabella’s design approach, each screen can be commissioned with a personalised combination of different astrological signs to create an exceptional one-off objet.

Encouraging originality, the reverse side was conceived to be completely customisable. The original features Maison Arabella’s signature ‘Star’ monogram fabric, which creates a contemporary, geometric effect. The simplicity of the design was intended by the studio to be a versatile backdrop and to provide a canvas for freedom of creativity and individual expression.

Combining form with function, the design features newly developed hinges that allow the panels to be moved 360 degrees and therefore be positioned as needed. This combination of innovation and savoir-faire typifies Maison Arabella’s distinct approach to design.

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