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Tsar Carpets UK

All project descriptions are provided by SBID Awards entrants.

Saltwater mimics and translates natural landscapes through the use of texture and colour, creating a sensory experience. Inspiration was drawn from a beach stroll at sunset peaking an intense curiosity to see if details could be translated into functional textiles. The design translates organic sand, sky and coral formations into textiles using a variety of construction techniques including beveling, carving, sculpting, thick loop piles, shag piles and tufting with different pile heights.

The design challenges conventional perceptions of rugs and carpet – rather than serving the sole purpose of being a floor covering, it creates a new narrative and exists as an hanging tapestry art piece that the viewer/user can interact with. The rug evokes a sensory and tactile response, inviting you to touch and interact with the piece, extending the viewer’s experience of the product. The design further showcases the meticulous nature of the hand-tufted technique and details achievable through technical expertise and thoughtful design choices.

New Zealand Wool is the primary fibre used because of its renewable nature. It also uses less natural resources as it requires less energy to produce than synthetic fibres. It helps regulate humidity, resulting in a lower energy usage and is naturally stain resistant, requiring less chemicals to clean it. The dying process is often the most controversial part of textile design. Tsar Carpets have established an onsite filtration plant at the dye house in their manufacturing facility for the primary filtration of excess dye which gets channelled to a government based water filtration plant. The monitoring and reporting of the filtration plant is strict and weekly to ensure safe levels.

Construction: Hand-Tufted, various weights, cut + loop, various pile heights

Fibre: Felted NZ wool, NZ wool + shiny Tencel

Colour: Pastel

Size: 2.1m x 3.4m

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