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Perla Pendant

Project Title:

Perla Pendant

Company Name:

Nulty Bespoke

All project descriptions are provided by SBID Awards entrants.

Nulty Bespoke’s Perla pendant was inspired by the delicate form of an oyster shell and consists of an organic shaped glass shade and a central LED light source, which represents the inner pearl and emits a soft glow to subtly pick out the beauty of the tones and craftsmanship.

Each Perla glass shade is crafted in the UK using a specialist hand-blown technique. As every pendant is hand-blown, the depth and tone of each glass piece is always slightly different, which adds to the overall beauty of the custom-made light fitting.

During the creative exploration process, the Nulty Bespoke team play around with various gradients of frit and opacities of colour to fully understand how the different combinations react when set against light. The final tonal palette for the Perla is selected for the way the white frit delicately merges with different colourways to produce luminaires rich in warmth and intricacy of detail. Interior designers can select from a range of glass shade colourways such as Violet, Earth and Ocean, in addition to chrome, brass or bronze finishes for the metalwork.

Nulty Bespoke create exceptional light fittings that are lovingly designed, handcrafted and beautifully constructed. Every Nulty Bespoke piece is designed to blend in seamlessly with its surroundings while simultaneously standing out as a work of art.

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