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Luna Kaleido

Project Title:

Luna Kaleido

Company Name:

Gabriel Scott

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Canadian luxury handmade furniture and lighting studio Gabriel Scott has launched the Luna Kaleido collection, the second chapter in the brand’s best-selling Luna lighting range.

The customisable modular series includes two stackable glass lighting fixtures: a horizontal chandelier and a vertical pendant. The mouth-blown glass beads can be ‘strung’ together in any order to create a bespoke glowing piece of jewellery for residential or hospitality projects..

The lights are available in six shapes, all named after constellations (Dorado, Lyra, Aras, Cygnus, Orion and Carina). The collection is inspired by a kaleidoscope, which comes from the Greek words for kalos (beautiful), eidos (form), and skopeo (to look at). Like a kaleidoscope, the glass shapes have been designed to offer infinite interpretations of tone, shape and refracted light. When stacked, the lights become a glass mosaic with varying tones and patterns.

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