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Latching Push Button Switch

Project Title:

Latching Push Button Switch

Company Name:

Focus SB

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Focus SB’s latching push button switch is the only one of its kind on the market that can be used to replace any conventional light switch (toggle or rocker) up to the rating of 6AX.

The functionality options available in our push button switch (‘bell push’) style include conventional on/off light switch (latching), retractive (for use with third party home automation controls / inline dimming), or use as a doorbell.

Design consultants are offered the flexibility to mix and match with conventional toggle switches on the same grid and plate (rockers and push buttons can be mixed but custom plates would be required). Focus SB’s push button style switches, grids and cover plates can be ordered pre-configured or as separate components. This gives your customers the option of choosing light switches as push button, rocker or toggle irrespective of whether they have conventional light, inline dimming or lighting control.

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