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His & Her Master Walk-in Wardrobes

Project Title:

His & Her Master Walk-in Wardrobes

Company Name:

Chris Fell Design & Project Management

All project descriptions are provided by SBID Awards entrants.

Chris Fell Design & Project Management were commissioned to design ‘His and Hers’ luxury walk-in wardrobes for a Master Bedroom.

His wardrobe is walnut with maple inlays, bevelled bronze antique mirror and Hers wardrobe is oak with walnut inlays and bevelled silvered antique mirror. His wardrobe has rich wood tones, luxurious and masculine and Hers wardrobe has the ambiance, glow and warm wood tones.

Both luxury wardrobes are designed, with mouldings and pilasters to give a grand feel, in unusual shaped rooms that are not so grand.

These wardrobes are installed under a ceiling bulkhead together with mirrors in the doors and pilasters making the rooms feel more spacious.

His wardrobes satisfy the client’s need for clothing and shoe storage, a countertop area with drawers beneath and corner shelving units with a large mirror wall.

Hers wardrobes satisfies the client’s needs for clothing and shoe storage, shelving for her handbag collection, a dressing table with a mirror and lighting.

Both wardrobe layouts are practical with storage, maximising space and lighting inside every wardrobe, to suit the client’s needs and fulfil the brief.

His and hers wardrobes are part of an entire unique home collection incorporating one of the company’s unique home moulding collections.

Each moulding profile is unique to the client and their home collection.

The wardrobes are designed broken fronted to create more detail and character, yet still utilising the storage space behind the pilasters so no storage space is lost.

Wardrobes are installed floor to ceiling and wall to wall down to maximum precision.

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