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The Racing Series

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The Racing Series

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Inspired by the iconic racing cars of the 1950’s, the Racing Series by Croft presents two refined designs based on features that helped pave the way for the future of motorsport.

The Legacy collection emulates the stylish striping on famous race cars from years past, originally implemented to identify a team member during a race. With its smooth surface flaring out towards the end, the Legacy Collection has 3 indented stripes circling its outer edge.

The Brooklands Collection has linear grooves along its outward surface, meticulously crafted and perfectly uniform. Named after one of Britain’s first official racing tracks, the Brooklands Collection takes inspiration from a racing car feature used to achieve optimal aerodynamic function.

Purpose designed and built to last, The Racing Series pays homage to some of the most iconic features of classic race cars; as stylish as they are symbolic.

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