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FinBolt Triple Door Set

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FinBolt Triple Door Set

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The front door holds a deep rooted significance as the threshold between the public and private realm. We choose door security to meet our most basic human need to protect our home but also to convey a chosen aesthetic.

The FinBolt Triple Door Set is the ultimate combination of ultra-security, convenience and beautiful craftsmanship. It is an innovative set of three compact, sleek, recessed door locks equally suited to period or modern wooden doors.

It includes two FinBolts, one at the top of the door and one at the bottom, simultaneously automatically deadbolting with a sophisticated soft closing action and a third insurance-compliant manual deadbolt which you choose when to use.

A versatile set of lockguards give a choice of size & finish, with optional internal and external door pulls. Lockguards and cylinders can be refinished in any choice of modern or traditional finish to suit any design scheme.

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