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Dragon Fly Table

Project Title:

Dragon Fly Table

Company Name:

Lori Dundas Interior Design

All project descriptions are provided by SBID Awards entrants.

Good design should be about passing along information to the next generation, and inspiring a better way of living. Lori Dundas Interior Design, has embraced this belief and responded by creating a bespoke table in a manner in which one would create a fairytale.

Designed as a functional art, the form alludes to that of a dragon fly.

When the desk opens or unfolds itself, it casts a shadow reminiscent of something seen in nature. Through the rich texture and layering of materials, the design beckons to be explored. Both in physical form and in concept, the intention of the design is to be visually explored, and tactically engaged. The interaction sure to illicit fond memory of a time when things were crafted by hand.

All parts are handmade showcasing the highest level of quality and commitment to tooling metal, wood, cast glass and environmentally friendly, humanely acquired water buffalo hide.

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