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Crafted by Nature

Project Title:

Crafted by Nature

Company Name:

Hoda Lasheen Interior Design

All project descriptions are provided by SBID Awards entrants.

Hoda Lasheen Interior Design created a collection of home accessories inspired by the defects of natural trees. By using trees in the crafted products they found difference in colours, textures, shapes and cracks. Instead of trying to hide the flaws, they decided to elevate them and sprinkle gold leaves on the wood’s cracks to emphasize their extravagant beauty and highlight the art nature produced.

The collection sends a message to humanity that our flaws make us special, unique and stronger. Our flaws make more beautiful version of ourselves by simply embracing our imperfections.

The pots are made of Aserus tree wood, a local material that is challenging in its treatment, the natural colours of the tree trunk is yellow-beige shades accompanied with very light brown, the pots go through cleaning and polishing which gives the pot several brown shades varying from light to middle dark. In the final step, there is a strong contrast between the light and dark brown shades, however, the darker shades are more prevailing as opposing the first step where the lighter tones were more dominant, and on the defected parts we sprinkle the gold leaves to emphasize the idea. The colours give a rather scattered feel that, nevertheless, play together a homogeneous colour orchestra created by nature.

This collection is handmade using all-natural materials, stones are added to one pot of the collection again to elevate product value. The collection emphasizes the idea that nature create its own beauty in the eye of the beholder.

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