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Coral Royale

Project Title:

Coral Royale


Lighting Finalist

Company Name:

Ori Bespoke

Inspired by the beauty of corals, and in an effort to raise awareness about these endangered species, the new table light Coral Royale brings the tradition of coral motifs to contemporary interior design settings. The shape is inspired by the ancient Asian coins, which were round on the edge and square in the centre. Corals are a common motif in decorative textiles. I employed such motifs in the new table lamp through watercolour drawings that are later transferred onto a silk canvas and hand embroidered by our master in Su embroidery, a sophisticated technique of hand-working split silk threads. The two silk embroideries are subsequently encased by pieces of acrylic and integrated into the lamp. To achieve a perfect finish, embroidery masters employ different stitching techniques. In the ‘even embroidery’ technique, the stitches can follow multiple directions.

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