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Celeste Sconce

Project Title:

Celeste Sconce

Company Name:

Powell & Bonnell

All project descriptions are provided by SBID Awards entrants.

Jake Olivera’s Celeste sconce is a little of both in technical expertise and sublime simplicity. Many sketches were executed to arrive at his abstract interpretation of a Romanesque period depiction of a mother holding her child in an enveloping embrace. Countless technical steps were involved in producing the perfect prototype fixture; including CAD modelling from which a CNC milling machine would create the 3D working model from which the sand cast portion of the sconce would be made. When removed from the mould grinding and hand buffing create various highlights in the metal reflector. A slip cast technique is utilized by the resin studio to create the form which will eventually become the LED light source. With the two elements (mother and child) united, a highly polished lip on the shade’s edge coalesce the textural sand cast metal with the satin smooth bulb to complete the Celeste sconce.

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