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Wire Bracket Amalfine Cabinet Pull

Project Title:

Wire Bracket Amalfine Cabinet Pull

Company Name:

Turnstyle Designs

All project descriptions are provided by SBID Awards entrants.

Turnstyle Designs has been delivering luxury door hardware for 30 years, since 1992. Designed by Christina Roberts, Turnstyle’s new Bracket pull handles were inspired by a 1950’s vintage kitchen dresser Christina found in a local reclamation yard.

A simpler principle of Turnstyles’ best-selling designs, was created with a chunkier grip. This includes hammered and solid brass, hand stitched leather, and their trademark Amalfine™ designs such as Wire, Faceted and Woven. These are all set between two L shaped brass brackets and finished with an elegant domed fixing.

The Bracket is face fixed with domed screws adding a retro look. Set either horizontally or vertically, this new versatile pull is going to look fantastic on transitional kitchens and cabinetry. Available in two different sizes, as well as all of Turnstyle’s signature materials, there are over 300 different finish combinations to choose from.

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