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bbb La Brosse

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bbb La Brosse

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bbb La Brosse is the first ecodesigned toilet brush that is innovative, effective, economical and environmentally responsible.

A toilet brush that is made to stay clean, last long and is Made in France. The design of the brush is inspired by Nature.

Taken from the form of a leaf, the veins replicated by over one hundred nodules that guide the water to the tip. A few taps on the edge of the toilet bowl and no more drops on the floor or seat. No more to wipe up with extra paper that will need to be flushed away, economizing both in paper and water.

bbb La Brosse was conceived from a blend of recycled plastic (furniture, buckets and tools), and bio-sourced waste (sugarbeets fibre, invasive brown algae from St Malo …)

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