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Designed with a timeless aesthetic in mind, Bisque’s Balmoral radiator is a highly efficient, stylish and versatile addition to any bathroom. Without compromising on performance or output, the Victorian-style radiator is suitable for both vintage-inspired interiors, or statement industrial spaces.

Combining a classic radiator shape with a roomy hanging rail makes the Balmoral ideal for even the plumpest of linens, ensuring they remain dry and crisp. This ensures the Balmoral’s beauty matches its practicality – Bisque is all about style meeting substance. The Balmoral also features recognisable ball joints and is available in the brand’s gorgeous selection of colourways.

Able to comfortably heat large spaces, the Balmoral is a product of Bisque’s continuing innovation in heating technology. Bisque uses only the very best materials available to ensure its radiators will stand the test of time matching style for substance.

Bisque continues to offer the widest selection of designer radiators on the market, from school-style models to eco-friendly options. Not to mention its made-to-measure or colour-matching service. Its investment in new traditional-style models reflects this, having identified a gap in its existing repertoire for models combining the cast iron look of yesteryear with today’s latest technology.

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