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Unispace, Amsterdam

Design Practice:

Unispace Global

Project Title:

Unispace, Amsterdam

Project Location:

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Design Practice Location:

Amsterdam, Netherlands

All project descriptions are provided by SBID Awards entrants.

Following exponential growth, Unispace needed a larger space to house their growing team in Amsterdam while also creating an enhanced studio experience that reflected the local Dutch culture.

Amsterdam is seen as a central global destination, so the vision was to create a warm, welcoming space to host colleagues and clients from around the world. Ultimately, the key design challenge was to build a destination workplace that felt approachable and allowed visitors to drop by and work like a local, amongst the permanent team members, without feeling intrusive or crowded.

The entire floorplate needed to consist of multi-functional spaces with flexible, dynamic arrangements that cater for every task and enable opportunities to cross-collaborate. Unispace Global aimed to build a seamless flow throughout the space, blended with modern, Dutch design and welcoming features. The result was a Dutch-infused destination workplace to draw people in, feel welcome and work like a local.

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