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Coty, Amsterdam

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Project Title:

Coty, Amsterdam

Project Location:

Amsterdam, Netherlands The

Design Practice Location:

London, United Kingdom

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As a multinational beauty company, Unispace wanted to represent Coty’s brand in a unique and innovative manner.

Unispace designed the space to reflect Coty’s neutral palette allowing their iconic brands to shine, which include Gucci and Burberry. Coty’s new global headquarters invite clients, colleagues and guests to visit from around the world, so it was important to showcase impressive heritage items such as perfume bottles from over the years, historic campaign posters and a timeline to celebrate Coty’s achievements. The result is an HQ which is a true reflection of their iconic brand.

The natural flow of neighbourhoods with unassigned desks and touchdown spaces allow colleagues to use the entire workplace to best suit their needs and working style. Flexible for organic growth, colleagues can work together and strengthen relationships in and outside of their immediate teams. This is a truly collaborative space for Coty’s global teams to reconnect and thrive.

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