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Bumble HQ


Fit Out Project of the Year Finalist

Design Practice:

Dthree Studio

Project Title:

Bumble HQ

Project Location:

London, United Kingdom

Design Practice Location:

London, United Kingdom

Bumble wanted to create a London HQ that is both memorable and welcoming to anyone who enters it. As a business, Bumble are very much for their people, and therefore the space had to reflect this, by providing their employees with a ‘home from home’ environment. It is because of this, that the word ‘cosy’ became the overarching guideline to the design brief and essentially embodied everything they wanted their workspace to represent.

The real focus of the design was around the team, rather than the business ambitions. Although that was an important aspect of the process, there was a heavy emphasis on making sure that every individual felt valued when using the space. Staying closely connected to that, the new space provides a wealth of people-focused areas, including anything from individual work and company-wide meetings, through to live social events and self-care facilities.

SBID Award Ceremony

SBID Awards 2021

Entries for the 2021 edition of the SBID International Design Awards are now closed.

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