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55 Model House

Design Practice:


Project Title:

55 Model House

Project Location:

Henan, China

Design Practice Location:

Henan, China

All project descriptions are provided by SBID Awards entrants.

Inspired by the design principles of minimalism and contemporary architecture, JSCC carefully considers the structure, site location and client demands, aiming to create a quiet and comfortable space aesthetic atmosphere through the connection between light and nature.

The plane layout draws lessons from le Corbusier’s “free plane” and “free facade” in architectural elements, blurring the boundaries between spaces, making the space flexible, free and unrestrained. Moving between different scenes is the pursuit and enjoyment of beauty beyond function.

Simple elements and natural materials are used to create a plain space with moderate relaxation. In pursuit of more pure poetic expression, the space structure brings the original appearance of materials into the concise form, and connects the moving lines and clues of the space, so that people’s body and mind can be relaxed to the maximum extent.

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