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Fellow of the year 2015

Theo Fennell founded his jewellery business in London in 1983

His iconic designs include a silver lid for marmite and ketchup bottles. Theo also creates bespoke trophies and gifts for companies, charities and events such as the Italian Formula One Grand Prix; the Monaco Formula One Grand Prix; The Dubai Championship Stakes; the Man of the Match Trophy for the FA Cup Final and the Nordorff Robbins Silver Clef Awards. According to Theo there’s nothing that that carries as much sentiment and history as jewellery.

”Jewellery can stir the heart, transport you and shake you. I’m not saying that the world would stop turning without it, but it’s one of the spices of life that make it that much more entertaining and palatable”.

–  Theo Fennell

Theo Fennell, Fellow of the Year 2015

Working as a designer, he recognised that growth needs investment and successfully floated his company on the stock exchange in 2006.

Handing over the management of the business, he began an apprenticeship programme to train, inspire and guide the next generation of young talent in the industry. In 2008, Theo Fennell founded The Original Design Partnership, a design consultancy specialising in jewellery, silver and curios. In this environment Fennell has been able to work with and mentor young British designers.

In 2009 Theo Fennell returned to his original company following a 10% loss in the £12.9M turnover. Since his return to the business, Theo has assembled a team of hugely skilled craftsmen around him and the company has turned the corner.

Theo embodies many good things, not least the use of talent and drive to recession-proof a creative business, the ability to build a global brand from one’s unique skill, find and keep financial investors and translate unique ideas, craftsmanship and vision into a global brand.

Theo Fennell
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