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Voice of Generations


Residential House Over £1M Finalist

Design Practice:

V.Concept studio

Project Title:

Voice of Generations

Project Location:

Kyyivs'ka, Ukraine

Design Practice Location:

Kyyiv, Ukraine

The ‘Voice of generations’ has become a real challenge for our team. Having lived for 20 years in the house, the family realised that they have emotionally overgrown the current interior design; their lives and hobbies have changed. Therefore, the interior design requirements for the house are now different. The client’s family is quite hospitable. They often hold receptions, social events, and holiday celebrations. Thus, the “The Great Gatsby” film and some Art Deco interior design pictures became the reference. The client has a hospitable family, so they asked to furnish the lounge that would be perfect for dinner parties. V.Concept studio created a brand new kitchen plan to consider the client’s desire to cook in the family circle. Apart from the kitchen counter, the team worked on the diner overlooking the garden and the lounge with a bar. After a delicious dinner, the family could relax at the fireplace.

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SBID Awards 2021

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