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Super Monkey

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Project Title:

Super Monkey

Project Location:

Guangdong, China

Design Practice Location:

Guangdong, China

All project descriptions are provided by SBID Awards entrants.

Super Monkey is the first theme store in South China located in Guangzhou Parc Central Plaza. Super Monkey is not only a fitness gym but also strives to be part of a modern lifestyle.

The signage at the entrance is the main focus of the entire project, and in keeping with the idea that transparency is the best display. The ceiling rings of lighting provide the main visual focus of the space, initiating a wonderful opening. The overall colour palette is as deep and consistent as the universe, and the thematic lighting creates the story: “Ripples are endless, and fitness boundless; immerse yourself and become a super star”.

GLC’s primary consideration was to attract more people to the cosmic temperament and superstar look. The vision of the fitness room lies in the interaction between inside and outside, where those who exercise inside are inspired by the “stage” and those who pass by outside are moved to join.

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