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Sage Johannesburg

Design Practice:

Paragon Interface

Project Title:

Sage Johannesburg

Project Location:

Gauteng, South Africa

Design Practice Location:

Gauteng, South Africa

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Sage Johannesburg

The modern, forward-thinking and professional looking space was designed to encourage closer interactions between teams and a move towards a future vision of Sage. The success of the project, and the wellbeing of the employees, is linked largely to the types and number of support spaces included within the fit-out, ranging from private phone booths to formal meeting rooms. A bold colour scheme of Sage brand colours, blue and green, define the different floors. Every meeting and collaborative room incorporates a unique wall design feature, creating further diversity throughout the floorplates and encourages Sage staff to actively move around the building, sharing different spaces with each other. A custom-designed iconographic signage system developed specifically for Sage aligns workplace functions to the applicable workspaces. While the blue and green colour combination defines the work areas, brighter accent colours are used to lift the tone of the dining spaces.

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